We work in accordance with ISO 9001-2000


To be confident that your uploads meet our technical requirements for print, please read the following guidelines. These parameters will ensure the optimum processing and the high quality of your prints.


Your work should be repared using the following software:

Unlocked files in formats: .ai, .pdf, .eps, .psd, .cdr

Your work should be saved with:

Color presentation

Note the differences in the presentation of colors by the different types of monitors and printing. Therefore, to get the color reproduction compliance your monitor should be calibrated by an appropriate device.

Photos and bitmaps

If a bitmap (such as photos or other raster objects) are embedded in the job on a permanent basis, they should be attached separately, avoiding the need to export them from a vector program for further processing.

Bitmap resolution should be 300 dpi at a scale of 1:1.


Please include a preview in the form of high-quality JPG or PDF of the version approved by the client that contains all the elements of the design.

Dash and transitions

In designs prepared for flexo printing, use a dash (line, object) with a minimum thickness of 0.12 mm and double for single color 0.25mm. In the case of double in complex colors, the thickness of the line should be even greater. The minimum font size depends on the type of fonts used, ie texts in one and two-piece fonts.


The barcode should:

It is preferable, if the code is in black, blue, green or dark brown on white background (in accordance with applicable standards).