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Flexography is a relief printing technique in which the printing areas are located above the form in relation to the non-printing areas. This technique is like typographical printing, however, it uses rubber molds instead of metal. In addition flexography used photopolymer forms. These forms, both rubber and photopolymer, can be produced in CTP systems or conventional technique.

The flexographic press consists of a steel cylinder without a printing blanket and form cylinder, to which a form is applied. The inking assembly on a flexographic press consists of: and inking roller, an anilox roller, an inkwell and a tank. The inking roller is partially immersed in the ink and whole rotating, collects it. It is in contact with the anilox, the surface of which is characterized by similar recesses. A squeegee is used to pull the excess ink from the anilox roller touches the printing plate. Then the ink from the plate gets on the substrate, which is supported by a clamp-induced pressure cylinder. Flexographic printing is primarily used on media for packaging such as corrugated board, solid board, foil, paper, plastic and aluminum.


The cold-stamping printing technique using suitable adhesive and film. Adhesive is applied through flexographic printing in the exact places you want to apply the film. By pressing the "printed" adhesive  to a film adhesive layer followed by the separation of the dye from the support layer using UV adhesive activation.

Cold-stamping is used in print finishing, marking and product protection. A big advantage of using cold-stamping foil is the ability to print and apply finishing in one production run (on-line). Cold-stamping allows you to print gradations and print on the foil giving it additional color effects.


Print finishing methods are covering a variety of substrates and  materials. Print finishing can be applied to both the places that have been printed and uncovered by ink. For this purpose we mostly use varnishes, inks, pigments and foils.

Finishing is used primarily for:

Graphic design studio

Our design studio is made of a team of experienced and talented designers. At their disposal are APPLE MAC PRO workstations with Eizo monitors, as well as professional software packages from Adobe in version CS6.

Our pre-press department makes our own polymeric forms.

This means that the production process, ranging from graphic design through prepress, proofing, until the finished product, is carried out completely inhouse, allowing us to maintain the highest quality and repeatability of production.